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Ann Cimini Executive Director (House of Mercy)

Your talk yesterday was as if you were speaking directly to ME. Thank you for reminding me to be true to myself, and to listen to my heart.

Troy Martin Broadview Mortgage Corp

Jennifer, you are amazing! There is a short list of people I’ve met over the years that made as much of an impression as you did on me this past weekend. I really enjoyed meeting you at the event and think that you are doing it all right. You really are running the mortgage practice I envision building mine to be someday too.

Karon Ricker

You are the new face of women business owners with razor sharp focus. Thank you for including me in your business practice. I look forward to working with you on various levels.

Ana C. Tolentino Senior Loan Officer

Since starting coaching with Jennifer I feel a sense of calm entering my life. She helped me identify places were my staff needed to "step up to the plate" and continues to help me become more efficient and productive.

Newsha Nazmi Asnary Insight Law

I haven’t stopped talking about the class today since I got back in the office! I loved it. Thank you for all your effort and sharing your wisdom.

Joan Coullahan Certified Financial Divorce Specialist

Jennifer Du Plessis has made a tremendous difference in my business. Before taking her course and coaching with her, I was still trying to make my past business and marketing plan work – which was a disaster. I even had thought of just thought of closing my business. Fast forward 9 months and I have more clients and many relationships with key, strategic partners. My business continues to grow since I am laser-focused and using my time wisely, which means more income, much less stress, and more time with the family. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to improve their business and take it to higher levels. She is the best.

Melissa Snyder

I cannot say “Thank You” enough! It was wonderful. I have already made a video that I just shared with you through Dropbox. I will also send the photos of you and your daughter. They turned out so sweet. I have already had calls this morning saying how much they appreciated yesterday. I do appreciate you sharing your ideas and what was wonderful is every woman has season’s in their life, it is how we get through them that make us who we are and how we can make the difference in other women’s lives.

Thank you again Jennifer, you were fantastic and your soul was beautiful!


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Jennifer Du Plessis


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