STS 70 | Values

Teaching Values In A Heart of Gold With Sharon Brown and Heather Hough

  How do we teach our children values? Join Jen Du Plessis as she interviews the mother-daughter duo who wrote a book to help you do just that. Sharon Brown and Heather Hough are the co-authors of A Heart of Gold: The Greatest Gift, a children’s book that aims to introduce and teach values to kids and bring families together. They share the inspiration behind the book and what they hope it brings to each household and classroom. Tune in and discover how your child can start learning about how to develop a heart of gold. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Teaching Values In A Heart of Gold With Sharon Brown and Heather Hough On our show, we have a mother-daughter duo that I cannot wait to share their story with you. We have Sharon Brown and her daughter, Heather Hough. Welcome to the show, Sharon. It’s…

STS 69 | Living With Confidence

Reflecting Confidence: Be The You You Want To See In The Mirror With Ebony Moore

Living life with confidence is easier said done. When you’ve gone through the thick of life, it’s hard to push through and come out the other end. But it is possible. Ebony Moore is a powerhouse in motivational speaking, women empowerment, and self-confidence. She is a certified coach, CEO of the Enchanted Reflections Modeling Studio, and host of podcast. She joins Jen Du Plessis to share her inspiring story of finding that confidence and now helping others do the same. Listen in for an enlightening and moving conversation on fostering self-love and becoming the reflection you want to see in the mirror.