STS 68 | Leadership Coach

From Chinese Mafia To Leadership Coach: Be Who You Are With Sabastian Huynh

How do you create a life of significance as a leadership coach? By helping others become their best. Jen Du Plessis introduces Sabastian Huynh, the Owner at The Leader Within (Consultant). Sabastian sets this episode on fire as he shares his journey from being a Chinese Mafia Boss to becoming a 6-Figure Leadership Coach. His life changed when someone acknowledged his gift of natural leadership. Today, he encourages you to give yourself permission to be uniquely you. Do what only you can do and have what only you can have without comparison. Tune in and have the courage to be who you are!

STS 67 | Vision Letters

How To Stay On Track With Your Goals Through Vision Letters With Carey Conley

Everyone has dreams, but what are you doing to stay on track in achieving those dreams? Well, by writing vision letters, you can visualize your dreams in detail and set up a timeline to achieve them. Joining Jen Du Plessis today is nationally recognized speaker, author, entrepreneur, and vision coach, Carey Conley. She specializes in helping women create life-changing vision letters to empower them in achieving their goals and dreams in life. The magic happens when you write them out. Carey also shares how she overcame the big walls in her life that were once obstacles on her path to realizing her life’s purpose. We all have a calling. It’s all a matter of identifying them and knowing how to pave the way to achieving them. If you want to learn more about how to stay on top of your goals and stay true to your calling, keep your ears glued to this episode!

STS 65 | Life Fulfillment

Nurturing Your Life For Fulfillment With Melissa Bauknight

  Are you doing what you want, or what you think you should do right now? It’s time to own who you are, discover what you want, and create a life of fulfillment and long-term success. Listen to your host Jen Du Plessis as she talks with Melissa Bauknight, a life and business coach, founder of The Ripple Connection, and an Executive Director at Beautycounter. In this episode, she shares her wisdom and her ever-evolving journey transforming her life into the life she has always dreamed about. She shares what trend she sees, the shift that’s happening right now, and what her future looks like creating a membership and a global community for people living with impact and people living with intention. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Nurturing Your Life For Fulfillment With Melissa Bauknight I’m delighted to have a great guest with us by…

STS 63 Dawna Campbell | Finding Happiness

Life Transitions: A Guide To Finding Happiness And A Fulfilling Life With Dawna Campbell

  Is finding happiness possible in today’s fast-paced, modern life? In this episode, we find out that the answer is yes, we can! Jen Du Plessis sits down for a meaningful conversation with the Mind Whisperer, Dawna Campbell. Dawna and Jen discuss transitions and Dawna shares her own experiences from being a financial advisor to where she is today. She also lets us in on her thoughts about finding happiness, learning to focus your energy, and gaining emotional harmony. Listen in and be enlightened. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Life Transitions: A Guide To Finding Happiness And A Fulfilling Life With Dawna Campbell I’m delighted to introduce you to our speaker, Dawna Campbell. I had the wonderful privilege of speaking with her at a virtual summit called The Confident Women’s Summit. It must have been 70 speakers. I don’t know how many speakers are on…

STS 62 | Happy Wealth

Creating Happy Wealth For Entrepreneurs To Live Their Best Lives Now With Jesse Todisco

  Wealth is not just about money because money can’t provide us with deep happiness within. It may help us live comfortably, but we need to understand that true wealth could be achieved in different areas of our lives. Join Jen Du Plessis as she talks with the Founder of 46 & 2 Wealth Partners Jesse Todisco about financial management, planning, freedom and discovering hidden wealth in our lives. Jesse is also the host of the Jesse Tee Show. It’s a mindset-focused podcast that revolves around business health and wellness, relationships, and success secrets. In this episode, Jesse shares his personal experiences growing up raised by a single mom. He took the spiritual journey of healing and realized that he wanted to take the entrepreneurial path. With the difficult road taken, the traumas he has to heal from and the struggles he faced, he knew that entrepreneurship is the key to success.  — Watch…

STS 58 | Failure And Success

Marques Ogden On Failure And Success And Pivoting To Your Business’ Transitional Position

    Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up, and Marques Ogden knew better than to stay down as he fought his way back to success. He is a former NFL athlete turned keynote speaker and business coach. He joins Jen Du Plessis to tell his story on failure and success and what led him to where he is today as a business consultant helping entrepreneurs succeed where he failed. Learning to keep his fit on the ground when his multi-million-dollar business went bankrupt, Marques now works with different organizations, coaches them with their business strategy, elevates their business, and enhances their culture and development. He also does a lot of speaking on pivoting to inspire others in their transitional position for their businesses. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Marques Ogden On Failure And Success And Pivoting To Your Business’ Transitional Position I am…