Jen Du Plessis

with America's Mortgage Mentor

MLM010: Visiting your Borrowers' Office

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  • Hear about the 9th tip in our 10 Ways to make an impact in your business series!

  • Stopping by your borrower’s workplace either just to say "hello", or to deliver an Approval and Congratulations gift can be a fantastic way to deepen your relationship with your clients! 

  • In lending, just like in real estate or any other sales cycle for that matter; there is what I have learned is called a client Love-O-Meter. This meter fluctuates depending on the trust level and/or stress level of our client. It’s our job to gauge where our client might be and then to help them get back to their “happy place.”

  • In this podcast I talk specifically about my favorite gift idea and that is when the loan is approved!  Imagine the look on your nervous and anxious borrower’s face when you appear with any one of the suggest items below for your borrower to share with their   co-workers --- to grab attention to you and your practice!

  • Access the resources we talked about in this episode.
    *List of suggested Approval Gifts to deliver to your borrowers.

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