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MLM012: Networking for the BEST results!

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  • Do you avoid networking?  Don't know what to say or do? 
    Or have you tried it and didn't get the results you were looking for?

  • Don't worry we've all been there at one time or another, and in this Podcast we are going to share some quick and easy strategies to ensure that every networking event, luncheon or opportunity you have pays you with referrals and connections to close more loans and make more money! You'll love our speaker's story!  Our guest is Eric Byrd, Founder of Pitch for Success, a business coach and training company focused on helping you make the best connections you possibly can...naturally...without all of the elevator speeches and card passing that typically goes with networking events. His passion and mission is to emper small business professionals to create and build profitable relationships through his interactive and entertaining live training, coaching and online learning programs.

  • You'll discover an easy and effective way to network... by using Eric's 3-Step Non-Elevator Pitch approach, Buddy Systems and details about "The Shift" in getting the best out of each networking opportunity!

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  • Get our guest's current read: Make it Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.

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