Jen Du Plessis

with America's Mortgage Mentor

MLM039: Rockstar Recruting

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IN THIS Podcast:
  • Sarah Valentini, President and Principal of Raduis Financial Group discusses her leadership skills and how she has grown from a samll local lender to one New England's Leading Private Mortgage Banks.

  • Some of Sarah's Philosophies:
    1. Have a culture of Trust
    2. Be consistent and true to your word
    3. The "shift" in your practice is how you view your practice - "Mortgages are Sexy!"
    4. Be responsive - most loan officers don't respond when they don't have the answer. Sarah's say that we have to respond EVEN if we don't have the answer yet!

  • Sarah's Recommended Reading: Rookie Smarts & Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

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