7 Strategies to Transform your Business Mindset.

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jennifer du plessis

Jennifer began her long career in mortgage lending while in high school and continued to work through college. She studied Architectural Design & Construction at Colorado State University. In the last 30+ years, she has been a delegated underwriter for the FHA, Veterans Administration, and both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. She has held management positions from District Manager to Executive Vice President/National Sales Manager. For the past 16 years, she has been the Principal of The Kirney Lending Team, holding the title of HCIC Head Chick in Charge.

Kinetic Spark Consulting evolved from my desire to help others in my industry, as well as real estate agents and small business owners by offering educational training, speaking and coaching to help them achieve their goals and dreams for success.

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What we do when we aren’t in the spotlight cultivates how we will show up once we finally do step into the spotlight.

In Step Into the Spotlight, you will learn from 11 female experts about how they overcame adversity and strengthened their faith to be, have, and do whatever it is in life that they strived for. They will give you hope, inspiration, and real-life examples to expand your influence and attract the RIGHT customers. If you are an action taker, this is for you. Turn the pages and immerse yourself in the content of stories, advice, tips, and opportunities sure to unfold the powerful person within that has waited far too long to arrive.

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