Mastermind Retreat

Taking place in Southeast Florida,
specific location to be announced soon!

February 23-26th

Hi, I'm Jen Du Plessis

I am holding another Mastermind Retreat; this time in sunny ️ Southeast Florida on February 23-26th.

As with all of my retreats and masterminds (fyi, this is a true mastermind), my goal is to connect people who have a passion to provide, and receive, input and support, to help everyone expand and explode their personal and professional lives!

My Motto: Mindset + Mechanics = Momentum

Who is this for?

Sales Professionals, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs who want to make their mark in the world, scale their businesses, collaborate with like-minded people, are authentic and vulnerable to new ideas, tactics and strategies; and most importantly, those who are seeking a community to help them multiply their results in record time!

What makes this event different?


The opportunity to work through limiting beliefs and roadblocks and gain clarity and direction to launch and excel in 2023, so that you can be fully prepared to move from working IN and ON your business to working ABOVE and BEYOND your business; and then


We will be masterminding and focusing on each attendee’s business to help one another move forward exponentially, and


You will have the chance to meet and mastermind with some special guest partners who will be participating in a portion of the event, and lastly


Because we are combining the mastermind with a retreat, we have some super exciting activities to create mindset and belief breakthroughs, and most importantly make great friends and fun memories!

Watch this short video to get a better idea of the opportunity that awaits you!!

Limited Spots!

This is an invite-only event and we only have 8 spots remaining.

I would love to have you there because I think you are a top-notch person who is committed to your success and who can both give and receive value.

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