Regardless of your sales production volume, working with Kinetic Spark Consulting will greatly improve your professional power and presence.



Communication Catalyst System $579 Value
Perfect Loan Process $279 Value
Quick Launch Templates $479 Value
Email Signature Templates $179 Value
Continuing Education Courses $279 Value  each
Scripts $279 Value
Marketing / Event Planning $279 Value
Partner Impression Platform $179 Value
Power Partner Platform $279 Value
Expand. Expose. Explode. Platform $279 Value

Over $4,000 of valuable content for only $997! Plus FREE updates and new content for Life!



What our Customers have to say:

You are the new face of women business owners with razor sharp focus. Thank you for including me in your business practice. I look forward to working with you on various levels.

Ana C. Tolentino

Senior Loan Officer

Your talk yesterday was as if you were speaking directly to ME. Thank you for reminding me to be true to myself, and to listen to my heart.

Ann Cimini

Executive Director, House of Mercy

I really enjoyed meeting you at the event and think that you are doing it all right. You really are running the mortgage practice I envision building mine to be someday too.

Troy Martin

Broadview Mortgage Corp

A La Carte Offerings



One-to-One Coaching

Experience my passion, ideas, industry knowledge one-to-one where I focus on your 3 biggest challenges. Go ahead! Ask me whatever you want. I’m all in and dedicated to your success each and every hour.



Kinetic Spark Action Step Group Coaching

This type of coaching is for companies (min. 5 attendees) seeking outsourcing to teach and encourage their sales teams by participating in 4 (1-hour) coaching calls specifically designed for the entire team! Together we will develop the perfect sessions just for your team; or group of colleagues! Suggested topics:

  • Team building
  • Marketing
  • Loan Structuring
  • Database management
  • Essential industry knowledge
  • Relationship Development and Management
  • Developing and implementing systems for communication
  • Developing and implementing systems for time management
  • Lead Generating Activities (business mixers, seminars, classes, lunch-n-learns, client parties, partner meetings)


Communication Catalyst System

Get my complete system; end-to-end to use exactly, or build your own using mine as a template. Over 71 action steps for each transaction that includes each step and who on your team does the task, emails already made for you, and phone scripts. I built this system over 20 years ago (spending well over 500 hours of time) to track everything; but most importantly to differentiate myself from others by providing the BEST and most timely communication to all parties involved in a loan transaction.

BONUS: Receive team roles and duties to show how to build or adjust your own team.



Perfect Loan Process

Why reinvent the wheel when you can have my perfect loan process to US copy or revise to fit your practice. You will also get the roles and responsibilities list for each team member; fully identifying my Finder, Minder and Grinder framework.



Quick Launch Templates

I’ve trained loan officers, realtors and business owners how to set goals, market to the goals and track results. These tools are simple to use and will change the way you see your business rather than relying on luck and spending needless money, time and efforts on the “shiny objects” our industry encounters daily. These templates are ready to go and will help you with production goals and results tracking, your budget and marketing plan.



Email Signature Templates

One of the biggest time wasters is emails; we all know this! Instead of typing the same thing over and over; why not create some signatures to just pop into a response. You will receive over 50 ready-made signatures that you can copy and paste for your immediate use. With just some simple tweaks to fit your style you will be off and running within minutes! OR you could spend hours creating your own instead of getting one more lead. Your decision; but if it was up to me, I’d take the offer!



Continuing Education Courses

By the Numbers: Realtor Mortgage Finance

3-hour realtor mortgage finance class to include a power point presentation, spreadsheets, handouts, and a tutorial for how to market, present and follow up for best results. (Great class to teach to other partners too!)

Mastering the Art of Sales

5-hour traditional sales training class to include Initial Benefit Statements (IBS); Know your Unique Selling Proposition (USP); Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB); Overcoming Objections and use of the PECA method; and finally Closing the Sale. Each module will help you facilitate the sessions; including each of the role plays. Become the expert and help your partners grow their business!


Course TItle
By the Numbers: Real Estate Mortgage Finance Mastering the Art of Sales



Get an inventory of phone, meeting and emails scripts for Sales, Meetings with partners or clients, for your Assistant, Dialers/Business Development officers, and Annual Reviews.



Marketing / Event Planning

Make holding or hosting events or classes efficient and effective with the tools provided in this package. You will receive Event checklists, step by step tasks, timelines and responsibilities; along with marketing materials. Also, get the steps for follow-up to maximize your results.



Partner Impression Platform

You’ve met a referral partner (realtor, builder, financial planner, etc.). Now what? Don’t let your time and effort go to waste! This platform provides you with 90 days of actions to stay top of mind with your new partner and show them the value you can provide to their business. Includes, phone calls, office visits, marketing, technical support, etc. You will look like a hero and they will forget about the other person they work with!



Power Partner Platform

Tired of listing agents saying they only list properties? Provide them with an answer they won’t expect! Get the ideas, tools and scripts you need to help listing agents sell more homes and in the process, close more loans yourself.

Bonus: Step by Step process to help your buying agents win more contracts.



Expand. Expose. Explode. Platform

Create richer relationships with your partner by learning who to partner with, what to say when you meet them, how to develop deeper, stronger and richer relationships that will continue for years. They won’t work with you until they know WHO you are; not just WHAT you do. Learn how to help one another Expand your businesses through Exposure to more markets and people. Then watch your businesses expand!



Cross Qualification Confirmation Program (Coming Soon!)

Want a great way to build a stronger relationship with your realtor referral partner? They already like you so why not offer to provide a second look at each purchaser making an offer on a home your partner has listed. They don’t have time to sift through all the offers and call all the lenders, so offer yourself as their preferred lender for their listings.


Builder Bonding Benefits (Coming Soon!)

Did you know that up to 45% of loans made with builders aren’t through their preferred lender? Yes, that’s right! Why not get a share of builder business without being one of their preferred lenders? If you offer products that are out of the scope of traditional lending, build a great bond with builders to ensure they can provide financing for all their prospects!


First Time Home SELLER Presentation Series (Coming Soon!)

Everyone holds First Time Homebuyer Seminars so why not differentiate yourself with a First Time Seller Seminar Series. Help sellers understand what to expect in today’s lending atmosphere so they are better prepared, and oh yeah, increase your loan production in the process!