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Life After Breaking Through Glass Ceilings

Gain experience and credibility by listening to our podcast, “Success to Significance” with Jen Du Plessis.

Are you trying to reach another level in your business or life? Whether it’s losing weight, developing better relationships, or starting a new business or career; we’ve all encountered glass ceilings! And sometimes we just need a little help or want to stop feeling we are alone in our quest. We are here to help, and you won’t have to lose any more sleep over what or how you can take the next step and break through your current ceiling! Welcome to the Success to Significance podcast, a show that helps you navigate through life after breaking through glass ceilings. Let host Jen Du Plessis guide you not only into success, but into significance and making an impact.

Episode Blogs

STS 61 | Feeling Of Stuck
  Letting yourself remain in a feeling of stuck for a long time will not only kill your productivity but also your source of motivation. Sometimes, it only takes a little bit of courage to take some risks and overcome this challenging phase. Productivity coach Susan Stutzel joins Jen Du Plessis to share her pursuit of a more sustainable life. She explains how realizing her shortcomings, getting the right coaching, and shifting to a more growth-focused mindset led to where she is today. Susan talks about the power of incremental changes in finding a better version of herself, giving you enough time to discover where her goals actually lie. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Susan Stutzel On Overcoming The Feeling Of Stuck I am so delighted and happy to introduce you to our guest, Susan Stutzel. She is a person that we want to share her story
STS 60 | The Model
  There are moments in life where we think that the easiest way to face a problem is by tearing ourselves down. But this should not be the case. Instead, we should learn how to be more kind to ourselves. Jessica Mejia has been through her share of life-changing challenges that, although making breakdowns tempting, helped her see why self-care and love are even more important. In this episode, she joins Jen Du Plessis to talk about the poignant story that led her to the success she is now. At the heart of it is Brooke Castillo’s The Model, a process that allows you to see the thoughts that are serving you and learn to create new ones, a.k.a. neuroplasticity. Jessica shares how it taught her to recognize the things that are no longer serving her and to respect and strengthen her body. Now, as a life coach and Founder and CEO
STS 59 Dr. Mitchell Kershner ND | Naturopathic Medicine
  Naturopathic medicine is the bridge between the wisdom of nature and the knowledge of science. The show’s guest today is Dr. Mitchell Kershner, the CEO of Healthy Chef Doctor. Dr. Mitchell joins Jen Du Plessis in a discussion about how we can now use science to explain the wisdom we’ve always known, like how garlic helps boost our immune system. Using naturopathic medicine, we can better pin down what we should eat and what we should avoid. Food is not just about food because it involves the mental and emotional aspects of a human being. Do you want to have a better relationship with food? This episode is for you.  — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Naturopathic Medicine And Sugar Detox With Dr. Mitchell Kershner  I am so delighted to have Dr. Mitchell Kershner here. There are so many facets to what this man does that I know that we are not going to get to all of them during our time together. I’m hoping that I can rein
STS 58 | Failure And Success
    Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up, and Marques Ogden knew better than to stay down as he fought his way back to success. He is a former NFL athlete turned keynote speaker and business coach. He joins Jen Du Plessis to tell his story on failure and success and what led him to where he is today as a business consultant helping entrepreneurs succeed where he failed. Learning to keep his fit on the ground when his multi-million-dollar business went bankrupt, Marques now works with different organizations, coaches them with their business strategy, elevates their business, and enhances their culture and development. He also does a lot of speaking on pivoting to inspire others in their transitional position for their businesses. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Marques Ogden On Failure And Success And Pivoting To Your Business’ Transitional Position I am
STS 57 Monica Tanner | Marriage First
  Being an entrepreneur and owning your own business can be hard on a marriage, but it doesn’t have to be. How can you put your marriage first without having to sacrifice the business that you have laid all your cards to build? Join Jen Du Plessis as she sits down for a talk with entrepreneur and intimacy expert, Monica Tanner. Monica talks about how she has made her marriage successful despite having a busy life as an entrepreneur. They tackle challenges faced by married business owners and talk about what they learned is needed to make a marriage work. Learn the secrets of a happy marriage here.  — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Putting Your Marriage First As An Entrepreneur With Monica Tanner Welcome to this episode. I am delighted to have to join us Monica Tanner. First of all, she’s married to her best friend. That’s the first thing she puts in her bio. She’s a boss
STS 56 | Future Leadership
    Sooner or later, the millennials and the Gen Z are going to take over the worlds of business and politics. Are they ready? Jen Du Plessis’s guest thinks they are. George Chanos is an author, speaker and is the founder of He is also the former Attorney General for Nevada. Find out how George got into politics, how he started his business and his plan throughout the pandemic, and find out what his new book, Millennial Samurai is all about. Look towards the future and learn why George believes that millennials are the next leaders in this technological age. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: The Future Of Leadership: How New Generations Will Shape Business And Politics In The Technological Age With George Chanos I am so delighted to have with me George Chanos who served as Nevada’s 31st Attorney General. I will
STS 52 | Negotiate With A Narcissist
  When you’re dealing with a narcissist, the first thing you should do is cut ties and run. But if you don’t have that option, then you need to know how to negotiate with a narcissist. Today’s guest is Rebecca Zung, one of the Top 1% of attorneys in the nation. Rebecca discusses with Jen Du Plessis how narcissists have no inner sense of value, so they have to suck it all from the external world. If you do not put strong barriers, you will get drained until there’s nothing left of you. Tune in to get a glimpse of Rebecca’s SLAY method of negotiating with narcissists. — Watch the episode here:   Listen to the podcast here: How To Negotiate With A Narcissist And Win! With Rebecca Zung My wonderful guest is Rebecca Zung. She is one of the Top 1% of attorneys in the nation having been recognized by
STS 55 | Peggy McColl
  The path of personal development is full of many surprises and rewards. By tapping into your inner energies and intuition, one can overcome any struggle and unlock their full potential. For Peggy McColl, she found meaning in her self-development journey through writing. Joining Jen Du Plessis, she shares how she reflected her challenges and dealt with them through her book, Savy Wisdom. Peggy explains why turning journaling into a hobby is an effective way towards mindfulness and an excellent supplement for prayer. She also delves into the best approach when getting rid of limiting beliefs, which is the major thing that hinders growth. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Peggy McColl On Her Inspiring Life Towards Personal Development I am delighted to have our guest here with us, Peggy McColl. Welcome to the show. We’re happy to have you. Thanks, Jen. It’s great to be
STS 54 Jude Morrow | Neurodiversity
  Most of the time, when we think about autistic children, we worry if they will be able to function in a corporate and work atmosphere. Joining Jen Du Plessis on today’s show to dispel the misconceptions and incorrect stereotypes about autism and autistic people is Jude Morrow. Jude is an autistic author, social worker, motivational speaker, and advocate for all things autism and neurodiversity. Together, they tackle why companies shouldn’t shy away from hiring someone who’s autistic. Everyone, whether autistic or not, brings their own special talents to the table. We need to make sure that we’re exploring and exploiting all of those talents.    — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Autism And Neurodiversity In The Workplace With Jude Morrow  I am so delighted to have our guest with us, Jude Morrow. I met him on Clubhouse. Here’s another Clubhouse podcast connection. I’m loving Clubhouse as long as I’m
STS 53 Kristina Bouweiri | Women Entrepreneurs
  With enough motivation, strength, and skills, women entrepreneurs can break into male-dominated industries and finally take a leadership role. This is what Kristina Bouweiri did when she became the sole owner of Reston Limousine. She narrates to Jen Du Plessis how a simple company that initially offers shuttle contracts grew in scale and revenue to become the largest luxury transportation provider in Washington DC. She also explains how she continues to run the business in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic despite lower revenues, smaller size, and reduced workforce. Furthermore, Kristina talks about their philanthropic work, focusing on helping women and children.  — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: The True Strength Of Women Entrepreneurs With Kristina Bouweiri  I have a special guest. I’ve known Kristina Bouweiri for several years. We’ve been around in the same space. She is in my hometown. You are going to be so surprised at what she has accomplished. The glass ceilings
STS 51 Malorie Nicole | Limiting Beliefs
  Entrepreneurs have limiting beliefs about themselves that create constant struggles, preventing them from moving forward. The “I have to do it all myself,” “I don’t know if I can bring enough money for the new hire,” or “I’m not capable of hiring the right people” are examples of common limiting beliefs entrepreneurs struggle with. Jen Du Plessis invited Executive and Entrepreneur Performance and Mindset Coach Malorie Nicole to discuss limiting beliefs, how you can overcome them, and why you should. Malorie has immense experience overcoming limiting beliefs. She had to fight through a traumatic brain injury and battle major health issues to grow and move from success to significance. In this episode, Malorie explains how we all have our blind spots, how our blind spots trap us in a cycle of struggle and doubt, and how hiring a coach can help us identify those blind spots and lift us out of our
STS 50 | Voice Technology
  Voice technology has so many applications in the rapidly-changing world that it would come as no surprise for it, given enough time, to change every single industry as we know it. Dr. Teri Fisher is contagiously optimistic about these possibilities, some of which are already starting to take shape today. Known as the “Voice Doctor,” Dr. Fisher is an expert on all things voice technology. He is the creator and host of The Voice Den, an online voice technology reality show that combines his passions for voice technology and education. In this conversation with Jen Du Plessis, he talks about the potential benefits that voice technology, in the form of “smart speakers” and other innovations, can introduce into medicine and patient care. He also shares some insights on how this technology could affect other industries as well. Learn how amazing this technology is and what makes it a compelling

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