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Life After Breaking Through Glass Ceilings

Gain experience and credibility by listening to our podcast, “Success to Significance” with Jen Du Plessis.

Are you trying to reach another level in your business or life? Whether it’s losing weight, developing better relationships, or starting a new business or career; we’ve all encountered glass ceilings! And sometimes we just need a little help or want to stop feeling we are alone in our quest. We are here to help, and you won’t have to lose any more sleep over what or how you can take the next step and break through your current ceiling! Welcome to the Success to Significance podcast, a show that helps you navigate through life after breaking through glass ceilings. Let host Jen Du Plessis guide you not only into success, but into significance and making an impact.

Episode Blogs

STS 43 | True Identity
  They say that knowing your identity helps you live a life filled with meaning and purpose. However, many people meander around not knowing their identity. But how do you identify your identity in the first place? On today’s podcast, Jen Du Plessis brings on Chris Westfall to talk about how people can have clarity about who they are, what they want, and what’s meaningful in their life. He also discusses how we can make the shift and reinvent ourselves along with the changing times. They also touch on what leadership means and what comes next after starting with your why. Chris is a sought-after business consultant, communication coach, keynote speaker, author, co-author, or publisher of eight books. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Finding Yourself: How To Discover Your True Identity With Chris Westfall I have a really fun guest with me today. I just can’t wait
STS 42 | Higher Standards
  Entrepreneurs must not only aim to make money, but they must also achieve a ripple effect within their communities by collaborating with other businesses and doing philanthropy work. And this calls for embracing higher standards with the people you work with and influence you. Jen Du Plessis sits down with award-winning author, speaker, and filmmaker Greg Reid to discuss his life that revolves around connecting only with the best people that led to his success. He shares how his entrepreneurship and filmmaking career eventually grew deeper, allowing him to go beyond businesses and helping various charitable institutions. Greg also emphasizes the importance of seeking proper counsel to find your purpose in life instead of just depending on your family for advice. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Finding Success By Embracing Higher Standards With Greg Reid I am delighted to introduce our guest, Dr. Greg Reid,
STS 41 | Women Entrepreneurs
  In the marketing field, women entrepreneurs typically deal with doubt about themselves, not knowing how to let their inner diamond shine. This is where inspirational coaching plays a role, which two-time Miss Singapore title holder Genecia Alluora took on as her personal mission. She joins Jen Du Plessis to share how she found her own fulfillment in helping women grow and scale their businesses through her company, Soul Rich Woman, by using her learnings as an occupational therapist. She goes deep on the importance of finding their drive to go forward – their own “F-Word” – as well as her current advocacies in helping educational institutions and youth-at-risk. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs With Genecia Alluora Welcome, Genecia. I am excited to have you here with us. Thank you for having me on your show. I’m excited to meet another powerful
STS 40 | Getting Sober
  Drowning in alcoholism is a desperate place to be in, as if drinking delicious poison and simply waiting for your body to give up. Therefore, getting sober is something to be proud of, much more so if you have found profound success in different fields after doing so. This is exactly what Austin Linney did with his life, with his early entrepreneurship years depending on alcohol but eventually making it big in real estate and coaching. He joins Jen Du Plessis to share his self-redemption story and how he pivoted to managing Airbnb properties and hosting the Construct Your Life with Austin Linney Podcast. Austin also talks about his experiences as a performance and mindset coach, detailing how he conducts the mastermind sessions he himself had attended in the past. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Austin Linney: How Getting Sober Brought Him Success In Real Estate And Coaching  Let me take this opportunity to
STS 40 | Network Marketing
  Some people stay away from network marketing as they usually see it as an organized form of scam. But for Drew Berman, a certified expert in this field, it is a good income source every entrepreneur should take advantage of, especially when transitioning to a brand new business endeavor. He joins Jen Du Plessis to discuss how this can be done, emphasizing his own experiences in pivoting to different businesses numerous times while taking advantage of networking marketing. He goes deep into its several benefits, particularly on allowing entrepreneurs to close their financial loop and getting access to a massive number of connections. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Embracing Network Marketing When Transitioning Into Entrepreneurship With Drew Berman Thank you for joining us and taking part of your day to spend with us. We sure appreciate it. Hopefully, we’ll provide you with some great
STS 38 | Life Transitions
  There is no failure. We don’t win or lose; we only constantly evolve and tweak ourselves to be the best version at the moment and then apply that to anything in our life. This has been the story of Danielle Rocco’s life. Danielle is a mother, wife, and lifelong entrepreneur. She grew up as a professional ballerina and worked for her family’s gymnastics school at the age of 18. After 23 years of being the CEO, Danielle left the business to follow her passion as a life coach and relationship expert. Catering to CEOs initially, she soon realized her heart and mission were serving the military and veterans. On today’s show, Danielle joins Jen Du Plessis to talk about overcoming the challenges she had during her life transitions. She also talks about the work she’s doing as a life coach in helping people get clarity on what they want
STS 37 | Chaos Model
  The way the world is right now with the COVID pandemic, people are learning to set more realistic expectations based on the current circumstance. Chaos happens when your reality is different from your expectations. Joining Jen Du Plessis on today’s podcast is Corinne Hancock, a certified leadership coach and the Founder of The Curiosity Project, a nonprofit organization that provides health and entrepreneurial opportunities in countries where people have limited access to resources. Corrine is all about thriving in chaos and shares her Chaos Model to help people become chaos-ready. Chaos is never going to go away. Learn how to embrace it and use it to your advantage. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: The Chaos Model With Corinne Hancock My guest is Corinne Hancock, who is the former Director of Clinics and Training Programs for Project CURE, a global leader in bringing medical aid to
STS 36 | Dashdot Buyers Agents
  A lot of things are different in real estate down south in Australia, but the main challenges are fundamentally the same. In this episode, Jen Du Plessis brings in Australian buying agent, Goose McGrath, the CEO of dashdot Buyers Agents, a company that specializes in helping investors build profitable portfolios using their proprietary Holy Trinity Formula – a renegade strategy that challenges deep-seated beliefs and practices in the highly conservative Australian market. Tapping into an untapped niche on the buyer’s side, Goose built a profitable business with relatively less competition. It took Goose some time to find real estate, however. Right from when he was 17, he ran his own business organizing music festivals. When he started in real estate in his 30s, he had barely any knowledge or experience in the field and made some pretty serious mistakes. Goose may have achieved his own success now, but it
STS 35 | Gamifying Your Habits
  Though usually considered trivial, your habits actually make up a huge chunk of your attitude and character. By gamifying your habits, starting from your morning ritual all the way to your eating patterns, huge changes may come your way, especially when hitting your goals. Jen Du Plessis talks to William Moore on how to apply this technique to your daily life. Will is a dynamic entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, and happiness expert. Together, they discuss the right way to pinpoint and eliminate bad habits, as well as understand how your core values impact them. Will also shares his thoughts on how the pandemic’s technological changes might change the way habits are formed and explains how his concept of funeral exercise works. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: The Power Of Gamifying Your Habits With William Moore I am excited to have this guest with us.
STS 34 | The New P&L
  A question that has hounded many business owners since COVID started is how they can differentiate themselves from the competition in a cutthroat business environment. Through The New P&L podcast, Paul Spiers teaches individuals and organizations to go back to their purpose, find some alignment with it and redefine their business along those lines. In this conversation with Jen Du Plessis, he explains why a company or business owner’s alignment to their purpose and core values should resonate with their clients and drive more profit to their business. He emphasizes the need to not just declare that purpose and core values, but to embody them in every aspect of their business. Paul also talks about the importance of curating ideas as the foundational element of business innovation. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: The New P&L: Helping People Redefine Their Business By Finding Their Purpose With
STS 33 | Keys To Empowerment
  Every single challenge is a catalyst to get to the next level. For Victoria Vives Khuong, that catalyst was a near-death experience as she was drowning in the ocean. Victoria is a healing and shamanism teacher, spiritual leader, and the host of the Divine Sexuality podcast. She’s also an international best-selling author of the book called In a Matter of Seconds. On today’s podcast, Victoria gets intimate with Jen Du Plessis as she talks about the four keys to empowerment and turning on our womanliness. She also shares the circumstances that brought her to this particular place, what made her want to work with women in helping them find their sexuality, and the importance of our connection with our partners. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: The Keys To Empowerment With Victoria Vives Khuong I have a great guest. It’s funny how we met because we’re
STS 32 | Power Of Asking
  Our success could just be a single help away, but we’re too afraid to ask for it. Offering their wisdom in this episode, Jen Du Plessis talks to Mark Victor Hansen and his wife, Crystal Dwyer Hansen, about their new book, Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny. Mark is the veteran business thought leader who worked his way into the national spotlight as the founder, co-creator and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, turning it into a mega-brand and a gigantic licensing enterprise. With his wife, they let us in on their journey and the inspiration behind this book, sharing why it is totally okay to ask for help even if the world tells you not to. They also impart great insights into sharing your story, the importance of asking, and how to be up in downtimes, especially with COVID-19 in front of us. Follow along to

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