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Life After Breaking Through Glass Ceilings

Gain experience and credibility by listening to our podcast, “Success to Significance” with Jen Du Plessis.

Are you trying to reach another level in your business or life? Whether it’s losing weight, developing better relationships, or starting a new business or career; we’ve all encountered glass ceilings! And sometimes we just need a little help or want to stop feeling we are alone in our quest. We are here to help, and you won’t have to lose any more sleep over what or how you can take the next step and break through your current ceiling! Welcome to the Success to Significance podcast, a show that helps you navigate through life after breaking through glass ceilings. Let host Jen Du Plessis guide you not only into success, but into significance and making an impact.

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  It makes no difference where you start in life; anyone can have the life of his or her dreams. Become passionate about your work and watch how success follows! In this episode, Jen interviews Loral Langemeier, founder of Live Out Loud, Inc. & Executive Coach. Loral is living proof of this! Loral is a money expert, sought after speaker, best selling author and Owner &CEO of Integrated Wealth Systems–a wealth coaching company.   Are you a successful professional, ready to share your story? Email to get scheduled! — Listen to the podcast here:   Stop Trading Money for Time and Become the Millionaire you Dream of with Loral Langemeier Hi everyone. And welcome back to this episode. I am so delighted that you took time out of your day to join us today. I have a real exciting guest here with me today, and that is Laurel Lang Meer. Welcome
STS 81 Dr. Patricia Boulogne | Completely Whole
  Many people watch television to relax and relieve stress. However, we never realized that this also affects our overall outlook in life and could prevent us from being completely whole and becoming the best person we can be. That is according to our guest in today’s episode, Dr. Patricia Boulogne. She helps sick, overweight, and tired people to release lifelong weight problems, chronic diseases, and genetic disposition to restore energy and vitality and be completely whole, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She emphasizes that you can be a better you with what you feed your body and mind. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Being Completely Whole Mentally, Physically, Emotionally And Spiritually With Dr. Patricia Boulogne Thank you so much for joining us and for taking time out of your day to spend learning, growing and reading about other people’s challenges in what they have
Hi everyone. And welcome back to Success to Significance Life After Breaking through Glass Ceilings. I’m your host, Jen duplexes. And today my guest is Stephanie James and Stephanie and I have actually had about an hour and a half of conversation. I think we, we said, gosh, we should have recorded that conversation because that would have been our podcast. Stephanie is a transformational life coach and a psychotherapist, a dynamic public speaker. She’s a published author. She is a filmmaker and, she has a message it’s so powerful to help others, and spark their own internal. Right. Uh, best, I guess the only to spark your own internal spark, which sounds redundant and that’s my fault, um, to lead their best lives to the next level. She is, has an unrelenting commitment to helping others actualize their vision and dreams and create tangible and lasting results, which is
Steve Rodgers Alchemy Advisor
Welcome to another episode of the Success to Significance podcast. Today we are joined by Steve Rodgers, a man who knows how to make things happen. Tune in as he shares his insights on creating change and finding success. Steve Rodgers, Author of Amazon’s #1 Best-selling book “Lead to Gold,” and creator of Alchemy Advisors coaching and consulting firm is a former Warren Buffett CEO who experienced a radical spiritual transformation that has evolved into a new mission as a purpose-driven consultant and entrepreneur coach, in-demand international keynote speaker, and bestselling author. Are you a successful professional, ready to share your story? Email to get scheduled!   Watch the episode here      
STS 80 Jason Freeman | Imperfections
  Life is a series of obstacles, and you must know how to embrace who you are along the way. You may have imperfections, but that’s what makes you human. In this episode, Jason Freeman shares his life struggles being born with a speech impediment and how he overcame those. It will always start with yourself and accepting your flaws. Jason strives to help other people see the best versions of themselves, take their next step forward, and persevere towards their dreams for the happiness of generations to come. Tune in to uncover how to be awesome in this complicated life. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here:  The Importance Of Embracing Your Imperfections And Loving Who You Are With Jason Freeman Welcome back to the show. I am delighted to have a fun guest with us, Jason Freeman. Welcome. Thank you so much. I’m delighted to be here. Let me
STS 79 Mitchell Levy | Building Credibility
  People are so focused on closing business transactions with everyone else that they forget that building credibility is as important as leveling up their offers. Still, one should realize that credibility involves a lot of different aspects and skillsets. Jen Du Plessis sits down with global credibility expert and author of Credibility Nation, Mitchell Levy. Together, they talk about making yourself credible in the eyes of the people by being clear with your intention and understanding CPop – the customers’ point of pain. Mitchell breaks down strategies in starting conversations that would make people ask for more, the right way to make yourself consistently credible across all platforms, and how to achieve the right balance between your internal and external integrity. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here:
STS 78 | Increase Your Self Esteem
  Do you know that you can increase your self-esteem by following a regime? Jen Du Plessis introduces Clarissa Burt, the Founder and CEO of In the Limelight Media. Clarissa is the author of The Self-Esteem Regime, a book that gives you an action plan to become the confident person you’re meant to be. If you’re willing to do the work, you’re going to see significant changes happening in your life. One way to increase your self-esteem is to stop comparing yourself to what you’re not meant to be. Thank the lucky stars that you’re not like anyone else. Join in the conversation and be inspired to increase your self-esteem! — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here:
STS 74 | Business Referrals
  Even with the advent of modern marketing techniques, referrals still remain the lifeblood of many businesses, especially small businesses. So how do you get that all-important business referral? In this episode, we dive into that as Jen Du Plessis interviews speaker and best-selling author, Bob Burg. Bob gets into why referrals are important, how to cultivate relationships, and how to be the right referral. Learn more by tuning in. — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Expanding Your Business Influence Through Referrals With Bob Burg I wanted to introduce our guests in advance because of the time restraints that we have in being able to have a conversation with him. Without further ado, for many years, Bob Burg has been successfully showing entrepreneurs, leaders, and sales professionals how to communicate their value and accelerate their referral business. As you all know, I talk a lot
  What does it take to spark your Financial Intelligence? In this episode, Jen Du Plessis welcomes Henry Daas, author of FQ: Financial Intelligence, to allow us to stimulate and kickstart our financial independence. Henry has taken his experience as an entrepreneur and used it as a platform to coach other business owners and founders. He shares how he runs curated masterminds on business and finance. Listen in as Henry shares everything you need to know about how to grow and manage your money. — Watch the episode here:   Listen to the podcast here: Financial Intelligence: Henry Daas On Growing Your Business My guest is Henry Daas. He is a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, serial entrepreneur, author, coach screenwriter, an avid golfer, a biker and international traveler when he’s not in lockdown. He is also a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of Connecticut. More importantly, he is the
  Can your character define your success? In this episode, Erik Swanson, Founder of Habitude Warrior Masterminds, talks to Jen Du Plessis about the traits that lead a person to success. As an award-winning International Keynote Speaker, 10 Time #1 Best-Selling Author in 5 different categories of success, Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson is in great demand around the world. He has also created his Habitude Warrior Special Edition Book Series called The 13 Steps to Riches, which includes 13 powerhouse, famous celebrity authors, as well as 33 up-and-coming bestselling authors and leaders. Join us and learn more about how gratitude and positivity play important roles in a person’s accomplishments. — Watch the episode here:   Listen to the podcast here: The Success Attitude: Erik Swanson On Being A Habitude Warrior Welcome back to the show. I am so delighted. We’re going to have a lot of fun. If you’re reading
What do you do when you feel uncomfortable with who you are? Do you wallow in despair or sadness? It’s time to discover how to connect and communicate with yourself. Listen to this episode as Kass Thomas shares how to embrace your authenticity and uniqueness to live the life you deserve. Kass is a successful business entrepreneur and communication expert. The depth and range of her life and career experiences inspire people to explore more choices and find the changes they are looking for. She emphasizes that once we are connected with ourselves and are willing to acknowledge what’s unique and different and sometimes quirky about us, then we’re going to lead a purposeful life. Tune in to learn more about how you could empower and transform your life. — Watch the episode here:   Listen to the podcast here: Connecting With Yourself: Discovering Your Unique Brand Of Magic With Kass Thomas
Most people want to make a significant impact on the world but few have the means to do it. Financial freedom is, in many ways, a precursor to significance. It allows you to do things that you simply can’t do if you’re stuck living from paycheck to paycheck. Apartment investor Michael Blank made his realization after reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and he made it his mission to get financial freedom. It took him ten years after leaving his job and venturing into real estate to be where he is today and call himself financially free. He is investing in apartment buildings and wants to help others attain the financial freedom he has right now! Stay tuned and know the importance of financial freedom to you and other people around you! — Watch the episode here:   Listen to the podcast here: Precursor To Significance: Why We Need

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