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Life After Breaking Through Glass Ceilings

Gain experience and credibility by listening to our podcast, “Success to Significance” with Jen Du Plessis.

Are you trying to reach another level in your business or life? Whether it’s losing weight, developing better relationships, or starting a new business or career; we’ve all encountered glass ceilings! And sometimes we just need a little help or want to stop feeling we are alone in our quest. We are here to help, and you won’t have to lose any more sleep over what or how you can take the next step and break through your current ceiling! Welcome to the Success to Significance podcast, a show that helps you navigate through life after breaking through glass ceilings. Let host Jen Du Plessis guide you not only into success, but into significance and making an impact.

Episode Blogs

  Significant successes are achieved by those who leave positive impacts with the right purpose to the right people. In this episode, Jen Du Plessis has Alec Stern to discuss his amazing breakthroughs in life. Alec is the Co-Founder of Constant Contact, a multi-million-dollar email marketing company that revolutionized the way small and medium-sized businesses are marketed. Becoming America’s Startup Success Expert was not a walk in the park for Alec, but his achievements amidst his cancer journey are proof that anyone can break their glass ceiling if they have the true will to do so. He shares the significance of working with the right people when innovating and offers his advice to those opting to transition their work during these challenging times. — Listen to the podcast here: Breaking Glass Ceilings And Revolutionizing Businesses With Alec Stern I have a wonderful guest with me, Mr. Alec Stern. I want to take this
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  Have you broken through your glass ceiling already? What do you want to achieve after doing so? Making your life more significant by having another goal can be your next path. Today, Jen Du Plessis welcomes you to the very first episode of her Success To Significance podcast, which tackles multiple levels of breakthroughs from different people across all walks of life. Breaking her own glass ceiling, Jen shares the lessons and failures she has learned along the way and incorporates them to the tips she shares for attracting clients and breaking through other achievements. Get to know Jen and this exciting new journey she is taking in this episode. — Listen to the podcast here: Success To Significance: Exploring Multiple Levels Of Breakthroughs In Life My name is Jen Du Plessis and I am delighted that you have joined me on this first episode of Success to Significance: Life After

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