America’s Mortgage Mastery Mentor

Jen is referred to as the leading expert in creating world class teams. She works with high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs who are stuck at 6-figures and want to reach 7-figures per year. Through her masterminds and private mentorship, she dramatically improves leadership skills to build powerful teams that enable multiplied results in record time, while designing a balanced and exciting personal life.

She has been in the financial services industry for 4 decades and during her 35-year career, was listed in the Top 200 of mortgage originators nationally and funded over $1 Billion in mortgage loans.

Jen is the author of numerous Amazon #1 best-selling books, host of two (2) top ranking podcasts, and the Producer and Host of her own TV Show – Tell Me I Can’t – reaching over 350 million homes monthly. She also has numerous Amazon #1 best-selling books and is the host of two (2) top ranking podcasts.

As a Leadership Advisor and Mentor, she is relied on by top brands and companies to assist with her proprietary techniques to create powerful teams, Align Priorities and Time Management, Accelerate Business Relationships, Rapidly Scale up systems, Increase Sales, Systematize Leadership and Management, all while helping leaders create a life of Luxury.

She is a charismatic speaker, having shared stages with such icons as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Jeff Hoffman, Sharon Lechter and many more; as well as being feature in numerous articles and covers of national recognized magazines including LA Weekly and SUCCESS Profiles Magazine.

Jen believes that entrepreneurs can Live their Legacy while Building it, and it’s time break free from the daily grind with strong leadership skills and powerful teams. Jen believes it’s time to move from working IN and ON your business to working ABOVE and BEYOND your business.

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Who owns you? You or your business?

Do you ever feel like your business owns you and that you spend endless days attempting to squeeze in your personal life? A study of 600,000+ entrepreneurs revealed that self-employed individuals report lower life satisfaction than wage earners. Take back control of your time so you can live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed? Time to live life to create great memories, instead of watching others create them without you.

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Learn the 5 Core Principles needed to create and become a Lifestyle Business Master.

Wasting time Networking? Go from Intro to Income

You already have enough connections to create amazing opportunities. Isn’t it about time you get real results, in record time, and make more money? Stop acting like a “cat on a marble floor,” scrambling for new business, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and start creating new opportunities within your existing network.

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Become a client attraction magnet with 5 simple proven questions to ask referral partners to gain immediate connections and results.

Leveraging Leadership

Are you experiencing never-ending employee turnover? Statistics show that employee turnover is one of the major reasons businesses fail; and the single most important factor for the turnover itself is lack of employee engagement. Developing better management skills is key to improving retention rates to allow for growth.

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Discover how to awaken the skills needed to understand the needs of employees and then apply situational leadership strategies to increase higher profitability, lower absenteeism, improved employee engagement and satisfaction, and endless other benefits for all.


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