WITH “The Impact Mentor and Leading Expert in Building World Class Teams”

3-day Virtual Event
Date: January 3-5, 2023
Location: Zoom

This is the event to attend!

Breakthrough your Glass Ceiling to Increase Your
Sales, Productivity, and Profits!

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Are You Looking To Scale Your Business?

Learn The Secrets Of Becoming Limitless For Rapid Success In Your Business… And Life!

Rather than spending your days stressed out and overwhelmed, working IN and ON your business, learn the secrets, strategies, and mindset needed to reach new levels. Jen will be sharing the Smart Scaling Principles needed to start working ABOVE and BEYOND your business without compromising your lifestyle and freedom in the process. Surround yourself with the help and guidance you need to take back your life!

If you are like most who have attempted to create comprehensive strategies, systems schedules, and the like; you know that this is no easy task! And it can be frustrating trying to figure out why you can’t get to the next level. Well, that’s until now!

Let’s stop the nonsense, get you unstuck, make more money, and have the lifestyle you always dreamed of. What if you could get your hands on paint-by-number and fill-in-the-blank templates to finally finish everything you ever wanted? This workshop will change your life!


The Life-Changing 3-Day Event Designed Specifically For
Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and
Sales Professionals Who Are Ready To
Take Their Businesses To The Next Level!

At this Limitless Vital event, you will learn world-class strategies and tactics and the right way to implement them in your business.

Here’s what you get at this 3-Day Event:

Who Is Jen Du Plessis?
“The Impact Mentor and Leading Expert in Building World
Class Teams”

Jen works with high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs earning 6-figures who are looking to up their game to reach 7-figures a year. Through her masterminds and private mentorship, she dramatically improves leadership skills to build powerful teams that enable multiplied results in record time, while designing a balanced and exciting personal life.

She has been in the financial services industry for 4 decades and was listed in the Top 200 of mortgage originators nationally, and funded over $1 Billion in mortgage loans.

She is a multiple #1 Amazon best-selling author, host of two (2) top
ranking podcasts, and the Producer and Host of her own TV Show –
“Tell Me I Can’t”.

As a Leadership Advisor and Mentor, she is relied on by top brands
and companies to assist with her proprietary techniques to create
powerful teams, Align Priorities and Time Management, Accelerate
Business Relationships, Rapidly Scale up systems, Increase Sales,
Systematize Leadership and Management, all while helping leaders
create a life of Luxury.

She is a charismatic speaker, having shared stages with such icons as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Jeff Hoffman, Sharon Lechter and many more!

Jen provides advising privately and through her high-level Masterminds and Retreat to entrepreneurs who are serious about growing to their next level, while gaining freedom through high performing teams, alongside a community of strong like-minded individuals.

Jen believes that entrepreneurs can Live their Legacy while Building it, and it’s time break free from the daily grind with strong leadership skills and powerful teams. Stop working in and on your business-start working above and beyond your business. It’s time to get your life back!

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3-day Virtual Event

Date: January 3-5, 2023